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Peel it - Stick it - Cut it Bada Bing! Bada Bam! Bada Boom!
Seal your speakers. Get more bass. Seal your speakers. Get more bass. Seal your speakers. Get more bass.
Bass Restoration Material

Welcome to Brown Bread
SOUND SOLUTIONS are the manufactures of BROWN BREAD SOUNDS DEAD, Bass Restoration Material.

We have been in the Car Audio business for over 20 years.

BROWN BREAD is manufactured by us in the United Kingdom ("BRITISH BORN, BRITISH BREAD.....THAT'S WHY IT'S BROWN BREAD, SOUNDS DEAD!")

We have taken every care to ensure that BROWN BREAD continues to be the World's No.1 Sound Proofing product. We pride ourselves in sparing no expense at keeping it that way, we know BROWN BREAD is the best. It will bond to any surface at any temperature and keep decibals as low as possible, for as long as possible, improving the quality of your stereo system in the Car or at Home.

Brown Bread is the best I have ever worked with, the adhesive and it's durability are far superior to anything else I have worked with in the last 14 years. I highly recommend buying some.

Tim Baillie - IASCA World Champion

I installed Brown Bread in my Camaro and it did the job. No more annoying rattles and the music has so much more depth than it did before.

Chad Murphey

This stuff is a Godsend. Its extremely easy to use. It sticks to anything without a heat gun or roller.

Mike Moorman

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